At Certified Auto Repair we offer a wide range of services that are geared towards American cars.

Certified Auto Repair Signature Oil Change

This is a oil change that does more than just changes your oil, it is meant to be preventive for future engine problems that can be caused by inexperienced oil changers.

Air Condition Service

Nothing is worst than having an air coditionior that doesnt work especially given the climagte we live in. We will make sure that you air blows as cool as ever.

Fuel System Services

Sometimes dirt and other small particles can get inside your gas tank which may be costing you alot of gas and more fill ups which is unacceptable as gas pricers are on the rise.

Tire Services

Here at Certified Auto Repair we understand how important your tires are to your vehicle. Therefore we can help you with adding air, slow leaks, and rotation services. We do not sell or balance tires at this time.

Muffler and Exausht System

Muffler rattling, spewing out too much smoke or you simply can't pass your Emissions? We will do everything we can to help you get on the fast track to another year on the road.

Engine Services

Did your check engine light come on? We got you covered, with our mechanics we can help you detect the problem and then help towards a solution. Many times you will only need a simple oil change.

We're Atlanta's top Jeep repair specialist. If you trust a Jeep as your go to vehicle trust us to keep it on the road. We're the go to guys for your Jeep needs.

Never again worry if an auto repair shop will know what they are doing with your precious Jeep and stressing on wheter they will make the problem worst when dealing with your Jeep. We are AES Master Certified and Jeep experts, trust none other than Certfied Auto Repair.

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How We Work


Diagnose The Problem

If you are not quite sure what is going on with you car our diagnostics service will uncover the hidden issue. Once uncovered we will consult you in deciding what your best options are. If you already know what the issue is all you have to do is let us know and we will take it from there.


Fix The Problem

Once the diagnostics is complete comes the fun part. We will work on your car and get her in top tier shape and have it running perfectly. Our mechanics have more than enough experience to tackle all the problems that can be solved using our services.


Build a Relationship

The final step would be yet another satisfied customer driving off of our lot back onto the road. We truly value our business which is why our service is of the same quality everytime. Nearly all of our customers deem us as their go to mechanics. Especially our Jeep lovers!